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Michael and his wonderful crew painted the exterior of our home about a month ago

We hadn’t had a chance to review him because the painting was happening at the time of my F-I-L’s funeral. So, he was the first one to show up on time. He came and explained the process and brought pictures, explained the preparation needed, and although the quote was not cheap, we didn’t feel that this was something where we wanted to skimp on the quality. There were other companies that called but some companies didn’t appear to want the job. Our home was too small to schedule for one company.

Initially, the scheduling was a bear because of predicted rain from April to May. To be fair, they tried to schedule, but mother nature and personal family issues interfered with the scheduling. They finally came out when the sun appeared. The crew was meticulous with asking about removing flagpoles, address numbers, etc. We appreciated that. The weather was brutal (very hot) but they were out there daily. Then they cleaned everything up. Done.

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