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If you are looking for a GREAT painting contractor, you have to look no further!

We are a big church over 85,000 sq. ft. and have been using Procoat Painting for the last fifteen years. We have had some deadlines that we thought were almost impossible to meet but Procoat Painting has helped us meet them with time to spare. Not only are they timely but the quality of there work is perfect, their attention to detail is excellent. The crew members are friendly and professional.

I would expect to pay much more for painting of this quality but Mike Mayhue of Procoat Painting keeps his prices right on the mark. I believe part of his success is excellent leadership, great moral of his crew and their efficiency. The thing i like best about working with Mike of Procoat Painting is that it is sleep easy. He does what he says he going to in the time he says he is going to do it. In this day and age that is such a blessing. I highly recommend Procoat Painting!

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