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I’m very happy that I chose Procoat. Ace was very thorough with his presentation and estimation of the job. He allowed me to pick samples and gave me all the time I needed to decide. Others I spoke to would only bring samples the same day and I had to decide right then. That was a dealbreaker for me as it took me two months to even pick a color “family”, no way I could do it in one day.

Rodney and Daryl did the sanding and painting. They were very conscientious and have great work ethics. They politely accommodated any special requests I had or areas I thought needed extra attention. Rodney will go to the moon and back for you if you ask! Andy and JR did the power washing and other prep work and were just as professional. I have no complaints about anybody.

Procoat was not the cheapest company, but I felt the other cheaper companies I talked to were going to be more of a ” get what you pay for” kind of thing. I saw other painters in the neighborhood blow in and out of a job in 2 days. Procoat took more time and thoroughly scraped, sanded, and painted one coat at a time. I have an old house, but it feels new now and makes me happy to see it. Thanks guys for everything.

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